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Wang Yeyao

Chief Scientist on Environmental Monitoring Technologies and Analytical Methods

Main research contents To study and design the system of environmental monitoring and analytical methods that meets the requirements of environmental quality management, and initially prepare the theoretical support and business framework for the monitoring and analytical methods of the water, atmosphere and soil environment.To supplement and improve the existing system of environmental monitoring technologies and establish the system of emergency monitoring technologies for emergency pollution accidents.To study environmental risk assessment methods and formulate norms for environmental damage appraisement and assessment.To study monitoring technologies that support the environmental criteria and establish the corresponding environmental quality reference/standard system.To cultivate an expert team on environmental criteria, environmental monitoring and analytical methods to continuously enhance the technical capacity of environmental monitoring and enhance the technological support of environmental monitoring in environmental management.

Li Jianjun

Chief Scientist on Atmospheric Environment Monitoring

Main research contents Recent theoretical progress in air quality monitoring and forecast at home and abroad, and advanced technological development in intensive air quality monitoring and forecast.Analysis and application based on assimilated materials from integrating urban monitoring, district and county monitoring, composition monitoring and boundary atmospheric monitoring, extraction of effective information from precise forecast and extended forecast, and integration of differentiated regional forecast.To promote the research, design and development of professional methods, business framework and capacity building related to national air quality monitoring and forecast, and technical support in air pollution control.To study and compile the technical guide (or industrial technical specifications) and evaluation methods urgently and long-needed by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment in the intensive application of national air quality monitoring and forecast.To promote new business trials and new technology application in intensive monitoring and forecast.To cultivate talents in applied research and technological development in forecasting through teamwork and the system platform.

Sun Zongguang

Chief Expert in Water Environment Monitoring

Main research contents To form professional methods and business framework for national water environment quality monitoring and technical support in pollution control.To develop the national water environment monitoring and supervisory platform, and conduct demonstrative business operations in main river basins.Development and application of automatic water quality monitoring technologies and equipment.To conduct research and technological training in water environment quality monitoring, and cultivate the team of experts and technical cadres in national water environment quality monitoring.

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